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The newly-named Presto Embroidery has been in operation for over 20 years in Birmingham, Alabama. Presto is here to provide any custom embroidery and custom screen printing needs you, your company, sports team, friend group, or family have! Our experience ranges anywhere from custom embroidered hats to custom embroidered onesies. We have worked with local and national companies, giving us valuable experience and knowledge just for you. We would love to handle your request today!


We believe in quality and the only way to achieve that is to let us order and produce your products. We do not accept any outside items unless they are 12 or more units.

We require our clients to meet a minimum purchase of $100. 

Presto will not be responsible for any items that are purchased by the client and any items that are provided. In the instance that an embroidery failures or mishap happens to a provided item Presto will charge as a completed item and will not be replaced by Presto embroidery. 

We highly recommend ordering items through Presto Embroidery. We more than likely have the item you are looking for due to our vast array of product vendors. Any item purchased by Presto will be covered under our quality policy and will be replaced if item does not meet our QA standards.